Zuddha Organic

Zuddha is a coconut oil that exclusively uses single-origin, old-grove, organic, 100% premium Thai coconuts. Unlike some other brands, they do not use any rancid coconuts, meaning their oil is unrefined, unbleached and non-deodorized. They are redefining virgin coconut oil through their 15-step, small batch, raw-qualified process, which uses centrifugal extraction and a fast-freezing cold-pressed method to avoid the prevailing use of high heat and chemicals. This technique keeps more beneficial nutrients and fatty acids (MCTs) intact and bioavailable. The effect is a superb experience unlike any you’ve ever tasted in coconut oil. Eaten by the spoonful, you will immediately notice its silky smooth consistency with a very mild coconut aroma and no aftertaste. 

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Posted on Date:
Monday, December 4, 2017