Tiger Thai Tea

"The scent of our childhood memories is the one of freshly brewed tea" says Tiger Thai Tea. "Benefitting spices have been the element of our grandparents’ stories ever since, and the root of our own path and health."




Tiger Thai Tea wanted to make their nutritional family recipe accessible to all. The recipe combines natural, sustainable ingredients and is refined with brown cane sugar. The recipe is also steeped in tradition - the Tiger Thai Tea founder adopted a traditional family recipe from their mother Xuan. Xuan assorted tea, consisting of beneficial spices and aromatic tea leaves, to brew and sell out of her Kanu on the Floating Markets of Mekong.

Her daugher keeps this tradition alive, adding her own twist with natural raw cane sugar.


Check out Tiger Thai Tea over at www.tigerthaitea.organic, or register your own .ORGANIC domain name today.

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Posted on Date:
Tuesday, April 14, 2020