Māsa Organic

The most comfortable bra you will ever wear: each organic cotton elastic, covered in soft organic silk. Each pour of your skin, covered in the naturally dyed peace silk.

The Māsa bra is made from fair trade, cruelty free peace silk from India. The peace silk, or the non-violent silk, is processed from cocoons without killing the pupae inside, literally, giving life to thousands of butterflies.

One of the biggest emphasis for Māsa, is the dying process. The importance of natural colors, both for your skin and the environment, is huge, but mostly not even discussed within the fashion industry. Therefore, all Māsa silk fabric and even the elastics inside the bra, are dyed in Germany using the Global Organic Textile Standard certified dying process.

We’ve heard it all: rubbing straps, synthetic fabrics and not enough flexibility. Māsa is like a warm pajama that you will never want to take off. It’s completely covered in soft silk, has cross shaped back straps, and an optional breathable padding with around 100 holes to let your oranges breathe the life.

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Posted on Date:
Monday, July 16, 2018