BIOCOSMOS is a brand created and owned by Aronija zdrava hrana DOO, a company that started as a family owned local business in 2003, at that time focused on production of whole-grain, additives-free natural products. Today our company is dedicated to healthy, organic and gluten-free food production, trading, whole-sales, import and export. The main brand of the company BIOCOSMOS is leading natural, organic and gluten-free brand name in Macedonia. The company at the moment owns 2 production facilities, 5 health food stores, 10 franchise stores, and is also supplying all the big chains of supermarkets in Macedonia with its products. Supporting the local organic farmers throughout the years, the company aims to strengthen and expand its own organic farmland areas as a reliable and controlled source of supplies for its own production.

Starting from the agricultural production, and finishing with certified organic products, we are trying to inspire the farmers to enlarge their organic crops, as well to motivate and educate our customers for the values of the sustainable farming and certificate organic products. At the same time, maintaining the safety, the quality of the ingredients and the product, and the final taste of the product that would satisfy our sophisticate costumers are of biggest importance to us.
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Monday, July 16, 2018