8 Ways to Create Perfect Evergreen Content for Your New Website

Every small business owner has different needs when it comes to building and maintaining a website. But one thing all small business owners always need on their site is quality content.

Some of this content is fairly straightforward to create:

  • A homepage that quickly summarizes your business so that potential customers and clients can determine whether they should learn more about you.
  • An about page that goes into greater depth about your company and values and might also include staff biographies and photos.
  • A contact page.
  • A services page and/or product pages.
  • A footer with the most important links.

And then there's evergreen content — any piece of content that will be as fresh and relevant five years from now as it is today.

Evergreen content comes in different formats and flavors. It may be an article, a how-to guide, a tutorial, or an FAQ. Those types of content can be updated too, of course. But getting evergreen content right from the get-go is important because it provides valuable information with enduring appeal. In addition, it can provide a steady stream of organic traffic to your website through backlinks (people linking to your site) and social shares.

But evergreen content isn't always easy to produce.



8 Ways to Create Effective Evergreen Content

Here are simple guidelines to get you started:

1. Determine your evergreen topics

Identify what topics your audience is interested in and choose the most important ones that are not constrained by seasonal appeal and aren't tied to the news cycle or recent trends.

Evergreen content will often frame a problem your target audience is familiar with and then offer a solution that your business is well-equipped to handle.

2. Evaluate your competitors' evergreen content

What kind of evergreen content have your competitors produced? What particular insights are they focused on? What have they missed? Get a sense of what has been adequately covered and where you might fill in gaps. Discern possible weak spots in your competitors' coverage, such as incomplete research.

3. Conduct research

One of the primary goals of evergreen content is to establish yourself as a leading authority in your field and to inspire trust.

No matter your current reputation or authority in your industry, you must be prepared to back up any assertions you make with facts and thorough research. If your research includes statistics or studies that are likely to change over time, remember to update them as necessary.

4. Decide on a format

Anticipate the questions your audience may have about your industry and particular small business, and determine the best format for the content. How-to-guides, FAQs, tutorials, and listicles are ideal evergreen formats.

5. Write for beginners

Your aim is not to write for a handful of experts, but to reach your ideal audience . Break down difficult concepts and define confusing jargon. What's simple to you is often not immediately obvious to your customers or potential partners.

6. Conduct keyword research

Before you publish your evergreen content, ensure it incorporates keywords that have the potential to drive traffic to your site. Look for keywords and phrases that have a good search volume but are also directly relevant to your business and your customers. Once you've made a list of keywords, use them consistently in your evergreen content. Try to fit the keyword into the page title, subheadings, and even into the URL.

7. Promote your evergreen content on social channels

Create a calendar of social posts that's not just focused on current events or updates, but also incorporates your evergreen content. After all, your evergreen content will always be relevant.

8. Build your brand

Evergreen content can grow awareness around your brand and attract new customers and clients. Over time, you can extend your authority into areas adjacent to the focus of your small business and broaden your consumer base.


The bottom line

While internet users may block ads, they are eager for relevant content. Evergreen content can bring customers to your website and enhance your reputation and authority in your field. Effective evergreen content builds trust, so they'll come back for more.

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Posted on Date:
Friday, October 4, 2019