Partnering with IFOAM-Organics International

Who is IFOAM?
IFOAM – Organics International has been the global organic umbrella organization since 1972. The organization has been paramount in the formation of the Organic Movement and in developing the standards and enforced rules around the world that have established “Organic” as a mainstream movement and the billion dollar market sector it is today.
IFOAM – Organics International’s vison seeks to drive “Broad adoption of truly sustainable agriculture, value chains and consumption in line with the Principles of Organic Agriculture.”  And they are leading the way once again towards the next phase of world-wide organic growth ‘Organic 3.0.’ Organic 3.0 positions organic as a modern, innovative system that has positive impacts on global environmental and social challenges and is presented as a strategic plan for organic’s growth and sustainability.
Our Partnership
The .BIO and .ORGANIC domain spaces have been established to give the organic movement and its global stakeholders an easily identifiable, unique and protected space on the Internet.  Partnering with IFOAM - Organics International allows us to ensure that these online communities contribute to the movement’s goals and vision by guaranteeing that all content under the .BIO and .ORGANIC TLDs abide by the Principles of Organic Agriculture
In conjunction with IFOAM – Organics International, we have developed domain name policies for both .ORGANIC and .BIO namespaces to ensure that any site not meeting the eligibility or content requirements can quickly be removed from the Internet following a review from the Registry and IFOAM - Organics International teams.  If you feel a certain name violates these policies you can report the domain for review via our online form here.
Our partnership allows our organizations to work together to promote the use of .BIO and .ORGANIC as legitimate and preferred domain names for those who wish to identify themselves as wholly representing the organic community.