Living Raw

From Living Raw's founder Ginger- "As we continued our journey, we explored super foods like cacao. We fell in love with the palatable and vibrational difference between the heated and toasted cocoa we had always been accustomed to, and the vibrant fruity life-giving RAW cacao we had now added to our diet! We thought, “This is a gift from mother nature that others needed to experience!” 
This is where Living Raw was born: out of love. Everyone is on their own individual path to health. While not everyone may subscribe to a high raw diet of fruits and vegetables, we wanted to support others on their own personal journey to a long-term healthy lifestyle, finding what works best for them. 
We wanted to offer a truly energizing, uplifting treat that would satisfy any sweet craving while not derailing anyone’s health goals. We have done this with Living Raw Truffles. It fills our hearts to know we are offering a truly decadent and satisfying organic treat that is free of pesticides, filler, and GMOs. You can rest assured knowing we source our ingredients from ethical farms from around the world and that our cacao is fair trade. Living Raw was and continues to be built on love and good vibes. We honor the human body and believe in the human spirit!" 
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Tuesday, January 31, 2017