Introducing organic recipes from Chef Stef

As a new feature for you, we've asked our favorite West Coast personal chef to create delicious organic dishes that you can cook up with relative ease this fall.

Chef Stef was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  From an early age, Stef found a love for the kitchen while working with her grandmother.  “I have been always fascinated with food!  I remember helping my Grandmother and watching her every move.   I knew that I would always have a passion for cooking; my Grandmother instilled that in me.”

Through various career avenues, something kept leading Stef back to the kitchen.  She took her passion and studied Culinary Arts in New York City, graduating from

the New York Restaurant School.  Working in various restaurants from New York to LA, Chef Stef honed her unique style and approach to food.

“I think it’s probably easier cooking for a crowded restaurant of strangers.  Preparing a meal at home for the holidays, my 75 Italian food critics analyzed every morsel.”  Chef Stef specializes in “experience dining”, from intimate dinners for two to elaborate family affairs.  “I know that food unites people and is at the center of many of the most important days of our lives.  It’s a commitment we make as chefs to assure those moments are magic.”

Since moving to the West Coast, Stef has found a love for fresh, clean ingredients.  "It's hard not to fall in love with food all over again when you have access to the farmers directly," she said.  "The climate lends itself to keeping the food simple and light, and the flavors pure.  It's a different mindset, and it's really given my food more layers of complication, despite the simplicity of what I add."

“Cooking is my passion as well as my vocation.  I cook for the pleasure of the art, and for the pleasure it brings to those enjoying what I have created.  I relish (pun intended) not only in the process of the delicate balance of the preparation process but also the fine art of presentation.   I’ve cooked for the most discriminating people in the world—for people who understand the difference between “making food” and cooking as an art.    I come from a proud culture that understands a meal brings us together, and keeps us together.  I strive every day to bring that to the table, just like my Grandmother taught me.”​

We are excited to present our first offering from Chef Stef, Organic Pumpkin Bisque.  Enjoy!


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Tuesday, November 4, 2014